Our Preliminary Services

Exterior Services:

  • Bubbles Renowned Hand Wash & Dry

  • Exterior Shine Package: Our Premier Exterior Wash Service

Interior/Exterior Services:

  • Bubbles Renowned Hand Wash & Dry

  • Interior Vacuuming, Dusting, Window Cleaning

  • Rain X Shine Package; Our Premium preliminary level interior/exterior Service with Rain X!

  • Works Package; a popular preliminary level interior/exterior service with clear coat conditioners

  • Vinyl Protection Package; This package is a great maintenance package to keep your car looking great!

Prices for services within this range – $20 to $80

Service times range from 15 to 45 minutes

Our Mid Level Services

We have various packages in this range as listed below. Pricing and Service times depend on the condition of the
vehicle and which of these services or combination of services are required to meet your expectations. Please note
that we can customize any package or offer ‘a la carte’ services!

All Packages within this service level include our preliminary level Works Package. Which of these packages suits your vehicle’s needs? 

  • Carpet Shampoo Package; This package includes shampooing of your carpets & Mats and includes the Vinyl Package

  • Seat Shampoo Package; We shampoo all seats and perform the Vinyl Package

  • Interior Detail Deluxe Package; This package is a complete hard surface detail & conditioning – Dash, vents,crevices, cupholders and all nooks/crannies, and conditioning of these surfaces along with our Works Package

  • Polish & Wax Package; This includes a preliminary level interior cleaning and our Polish/Wax maintenance or Corrective Services

  • Leather Care Package; A favorite among all of us with leather seats! A deep cleaning and conditioning of the leather seats, along with our Vinyl Package

Prices within this level range from $100 to $300 PER package. When combining two or more of these services, we recommend
our value priced Comprehensive Ultimate Package

Service times range from 45 minutes to 2 hours per package

Our Comprehensive Level Services

  • Our Ultimate Package

Options for this package

  • Headliner Dryclean

  • Engine Shampoo

  • Polish & Wax

Prices range from $400 – $650

Service times range from 2 hours to 4.5 hours

We offer all of our services ‘a la carte’ as well so we are able to customize any service to suit your vehicle’s needs.
We look forward to meeting with you to discuss our services and present you with an accurate price and service time quote.
You don’t need an appointment for any of our services, simply stop in!